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Q. I forgot my password. Can you tell me what it is?

A. No problem! Just click on Forgot Password enter your email address, and well send you on e-mail your password.

Q. How do I change my login/password ?

A. Just go to Update Profile and enter login and password, then you can change your login/password.

Q. What are the guidelines for posting a photo?

A. You can upload 5 photos of yourself with your profile for FREE. Choose a solo shot first, and upload other positions for group or pet photos. Please note that you must appear in each of the photos we will not upload photos of children or pets only. Nudity, obscenity, sexual or otherwise offensive photos will not be uploaded.

Q. How do I post a photo?

1stdatingservice.com makes it easy for you, by offering two ways to post a photo:

1. Upload a Photo. To upload a photo, simply go to the Free Add or if you are already registered on our site Update Profile sections of this site.
Please Note: Acceptable photo upload file formats are .jpg or .jpeg (JPEG). Your photo file must be under 500K for the upload to work properly. A digital photo with dimensions close to 170 x 170 pixels looks best. Once approved by Customer Care, uploaded photos will be posted exactly as they are submitted. Be sure to crop your photo if necessary before uploading it. Due to the volume of photos that we receive, it may take 24 - 72 hours for your photo to appear on your profile.

2.Email a Photo. Due to the large number of photos submitted by email, posting may take up to 72 hours. To help speed up the process, please check to ensure that your email and photo file meet the following requirements: Your email MUST include your first and last name, login and 1stdatingservice.com registered email address. indicate position A, B, C, D or E for all photos attached. We prefer .jpg (JPEG) file formats, but will accept GIF, BMP, and TIF files. All photo files must be 500K or less. Please send photos as attachments only. We cannot accept an embedded picture with an email. Send your email and photo attachments (meeting the above requirements) to photos@1stdatingservice.com.

Q. I already have a photo, but how do I add others?

A. Posting additional photos is quick and easy! Simply go to the Update Profile section and then select the Upload to start the upload process.

Q. How long will it take for my photo to appear?

A. Normal posting time for photos is 2472 hours. Our Quality Assurance team must approve each photo to maintain the quality of matches available through 1stdatingservice.com.

Q. Im not getting very many / any responses. What could be wrong?

A. There are a number of things you can do to increase your number of resonances: Make sure you have created a profile. Once you create your profile, our technology will compare your profile responses with others to find the profiles that best match you. Your criteria in your profile may be too specific. Go to Update Profile and try to broaden your match criteria. Many people have several email addresses. Make sure youre using the same email address you used when you first registered with 1stdatingservice.com. If youre not receiving any matches at all, chances are you have a firewall or Spamguard in place. This usually happens if youre accessing 1stdatingservice.com from work.

Q. How do I create a profile?

A. Creating and posting a profile is free and takes only a few minutes. Think of it as a quick sketch of who you are, your lifestyle, and what counts most in a relationship. Our questionnaire will highlight your personality and interests. Then you can expand further in your essay. Click here to create your profile. Once you do, our technology will compare your profile responses with others to find the profiles that best match you.

Q. How do I update my profile?

A. Its quick and easy to do! To update your profile, just click here on Update Profile and follow the easy instructions on the page.

Q. Why was my profile rejected?

A. Our Quality Assurance Team reviews profiles and sometimes has to reject some profiles if they contain:   

  • Email addresses
  • Website addresses
  • Profanity
  • Suggestive,offensive, or otherwise objectionable language

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